Out of Sight, Out of mind
Out of Sight, Out of Mind visualises the daily struggle of those affected by the 2017 eruption of Mount Agung in Bali, Indonesia. The hamlets explored within this story are situated on the slope of the volcano north east of the island. Living in isolated sections of land in the Desa Ban village, resulted in great discomfort when the evacuation took place. Uncertain if they will ever return to their homes, meant that they had to sell their main source of income - cows. Leaving behind their clothes, belongings, livestock was distressing. The men, women, children and babies were forced to live in refugee camps scattered across the whole of the island for five months. After the evacuation ban was lifted they were finally able to return back to a place they once called home. With no livestock and little money left they turned to weaving baskets for a living in order to make a daily income to feed themselves and their families. 
The four Hamlets explored within this story; Cegi, Pengalusan, Belong and Bonyoh situated in the village of Desa Ban, Karangasem are located between 4-6 kilometres away from the crater of Mount Agung. The eruption began in September 2017, the Indonesian Government issued a 12 kilometre exclusion zone. 
In March, 2018 the residents were able to return home. Living in survival mode meant taking things one day at a time and tackling each day as it comes. Many have said that it will take up to 5 years to return to their normal way of life. The uncertainty of if the volcano will wake up again is most certainly the biggest worry. Since, the volcano has erupted although without lava and the residents still remain in their homes. Their time is spent weaving baskets as that provides enough income to feed themselves each day. Working from dawn until dusk is a challenge which will linger for approximately 5 years.